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Pour toute la famille!

La physiothérapie, une approche adaptée à tous!

tendinite, bursite, entorse ,capsulite

scoliose, tensions musculaires

hernie discale, sciatalgie, maux de dos

maux de tête, maux de cou

récupération post chirurgie genou, épaule ou autre 

fracture, luxation

douleur chronique


Rigaud et St-Lazare  450-510-0115

Retrouvez votre mobilité!



Nadine's approach is based on manual and myofascial techniques, electrotherapeutic modalities and exercise programs .


Physiotherapy can be beneficial in the following cases:

 tendinitis, bursitis, capsulitis

headaches, neck or back pain

scoliosis, muscular tensions

herniated disc, sciatica

post orthopedic surgery



Please call for information on our rates.

(Most private insurance companies cover physiotherapy treatments without the need of a prescription, however some may require one.  Please check with your policy.)



 What to bring to the first appointment:

  • medical prescription if you have one 
  • your list of your medications
  • any reports  that you may have  such as X-Rays, MRI..
  • medical recommendations in the case of surgery or fracture